The Story

The Story

The vision for this festival emerged from several related events in our lives.

In the summer of 2012, Dan & Erica Herron moved to Bloomington to begin the process of seeing a new church established for our city. The community they were hoping for is being established here—today we’re known as Hope Presbyterian Church.

Yet, right in the middle of building relationships, learning how to serve others, and seeking to draw closer to God— Erica discovered a lump. In February 2013, she was diagnosed with Stage I Triple Negative Breast Cancer—a particularly nasty form of the disease.

Her fight began with surgery, continued throughout the summer with intense chemotherapy, is now in the final stages of radiation treatments, and will continue into the future with hormone therapy. She’s been courageous. Yet, throughout this affliction, the Herrons have had to learn how to receive service from others, how to allow others to love them, and how, even in all of this, the Hope Pres community feels called to use this pain, and the comfort generated through faith, to join others in honoring and serving the people of this place.

As a husband, Dan wrestled with the question: beyond being a supportive husband, what are more ways a man can honor, love, and serve his wife in the middle of a fight like this? And, as a pastor, he questioned: how could a church whose values include serving, place, and renewal find a way to honor, love, and serve women in this life and death battle?

An idea: Home-brew beer. We could raise money for local women fighting breast cancer through having a craft brew party. He called his friend Dan Caldwell, who at that very moment was coincidentally looking at home brew kits online. The Dan’s loved the idea, their wives loved it, their friends loved it, the Bloomington Hospital Foundation loved it, the Olcott Center loved it. And, these others have started carrying this whole thing along.

And, now we have our first annual Brew The Cure Home Brew Festival. You’re invited. You can honor, love, and serve. You can drink responsibly and give recklessly.